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Welcome to my home page

My mom said I could build a Web site for one of my summer projects instead of watching TV, My dad wanted me to become an accountant when i grow so i thought of it now i have the time let me make my mom to be happy and i promise to do the same to my dad.
About Me
i am a good boy every one knowns that including mamo forget my name
My Favorite Things To Do
I like to play soccer and also i love having fun, like dancing, singing, reading and also travelling,

Some of My Favorite People
My grandma and grandpa are some of my favorite people. Grandma always has a cupboard full of twinkies and raisen-filled cookies. She also lets me pick my favorite cereal when we go to the grocery store. Grandpa takes us for rides on his four-wheeler when we go to his house in the summer.
Contact Mail


HOME:          #8 Erirhovwere Street off

                        Ejemudaro Rd. Warri, 

                        Delta State.Nigeria.

                        (234) 53-256097

OFFICE:     Regal Cafe,

                       Palmgrove Motel  Ighogbadu Rd. warri

                       Delta state, Nigeria.

                       (234) 803 5632287


Crayon Drawing
This is one of my first drawings of my brother Joe. Joe has read hair. Grandma gave him that shirt for Christmas, and she gave me one like it, only blue.
Link to More Drawings